3D advertising LED display

3D advertising LED display—Full-color LED Module

MAXTOP‘s 3D advertising LED display features:

Outdoor Glasses-free 3D advertising LED display has taken top searches place in major social media in recent 2 years. Due to it gives a shocking&lifelike feeling to people. Today we have higher requirements in creative displays. And people want to see the visual features come to the real world. Therefore, 3D technology will be a direction and hot topic in the application of LED screens in the future.

Professional in 3D

Crack the best display ratio of Glasses-free 3D display, and the audience will be on the scene. Professional cooperative content team with rich experience in 3D content production.

Professional in LED

Patented seamless arc module splicing, super cost-effective. The professional color is accurate, and the picture is professional to the point.

Professional in video

Video source: Professional glasses-free 3D video production team can develop independent creative videos according to needs.
Display effect: HDR high dynamic range image technology, 3D dynamic digital technology.

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Is it necessary to make a right angle to achieve the 3D effect?

No, a flat surface is also fine.

Can the 3D video be used and played at intervals with other videos?


Can you make a four-sided corner?


Can regular LED screens play 3D video?

Yes. But the effect is not good.

What is the charging standard for 3D video production?

We have two charging standards. Depends on the specific requirements of the guests.