FM Series Outdoor LED Screen

Efficient structural design

Cabinet size: 960mm*960mm

Module Size: 480*320mm

Aluminum profile cabinet

HD Resolution : P5/P5.7/P10

Simple structure, full wireless connection

Easy to install and maintain

Front maintenance of LED modules

Front service of  the control box

Lightweight: 25kg

Anti-collision mask

Energy saving: 75%

Ultra bright 10000nit brightness

Strong environmental adaptability

Ingress Protection: IP66

Play at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees

Play at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees

Dustproof and moistureproof

Flame-retardant and fire-resistant

Not afraid of direct sunlight

Technical Parameter

Pixel configuration SMD272727273535
Pixel Pitchmm55.710
Module resolutionW×H96*6484*5648*32
Module sizemm480*320480*320480*320
Module WeightKg222
Unit cabinet module composition2*32*32*3
Cabinet sizemm960*960960*960960*960
Cabinet resolutionW×H192*192168*16896*96
Cabinet dimensions0.92160.92160.9216
Cabinet WeightKg24.524.524.5
MaterialDie-cast aluminum (module)Die-cast aluminum (module)Die-cast aluminum (module)
Profile aluminum (Cabinet)Profile aluminum (Cabinet)Profile aluminum (Cabinet)
Pixel density dots/m²400003062510000
Brightness adjustmentSupportSupportSupport
Brightness of white balance cd/m²550055007000120005500550070001200060007500700012000
Color temperatureK6500-90006500-90006500-9000
Angle of View (horizontal/vertical)140°/120°140°/120°80°/70°80°/70°140°/120°140°/120°80°/70°80°/70°140°/120°140°/120°80°/70°80°/70°
Maximum powerW/m²700500280450700500280450700500280450
Average powerW/m²235168761502351687615023516876150
Power supply requirementVAC200-240AC200-240AC200-240
Maintenance modeFront/back maintenanceFront/back maintenanceFront/back maintenance
Repetition frequencyHZ606060
Scanning modeConstant Current 1/8s1/7s1/2s
Gray level16bit16bit16bit
Refresh rateHz384038403840
Color depth16bit16bit16bit
Working lifeh100000100000100000
Operating temperature/humidity range-10-50/10%RH-98%RH(No condensation)-10-50/10%RH-98%RH(No condensation)-10-50/10%RH-98%RH(No condensation)
Storage temperature/humidity range-20-60/10%RH-98%RH(No condensation)-20-60/10%RH-98%RH(No condensation)-20-60/10%RH-98%RH(No condensation)

3D Series Outdoor LED screen

brazil outdoor led screen

Experience in 3D screens

3 years experience on 3D projects

Arc corner process: specially designed LED modules

3D Resolution : P5/P5.925/P8 /P10

More than ten 3D items

Highlight with Energy saving

Professional in 3D video

We have 3D video production team

Support angle and resolution adjustment

HDR high dynamic range image technology

3D dynamic digital technology

video of 3d outdoor led screen

Other advantages

An energy-saving solution with a common cathode

Cheaper price

Faster delivery time

Technical Parameter

Pixel Pitch5mm5.925mm8mm10mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²)40000dots/m²28476dots/m²15625dots/m²10000dots/m²
Module Resolution64*32dot (320*160mm)
16*32dot (80*160mm)
54*27dot (320*160mm)
14*27dot (80*160mm)
40*20dot (320*160mm)
10*20dot (80*160mm)
32*16dot (320*160mm)
8*16dot (80*160mm)
Module Size320*160*17mm
80*160*17mm(45°botom shell)
82.96*160*17mm(45°botom shell)
80*160*20mm(45°botom shell)
80*160*17mm(45°botom shell)
Module Weight440g (320*160mm)
120g (80*160mm)
440g (320*160mm)
150g (80*160mm)
440g (320*160mm)
120g (80*160mm)
440g (320*160mm)
120g (80*160mm)
Driving Mode16-bit constant current driving16-bit constant current driving16-bit constant current driving16-bit constant current driving
Scan Mode1/81/71/51/2
Operating VoltageDC5V±0.2VDC5V±0.2VDC5V±0.2VDC5V±0.2V
Max Current7.2A (320*160mm)
1.8A (80*160mm)
7.2A (320*160mm)
1.8A (80*160mm)
7.2A (320*160mm)
1.8A (80*160mm)
8A (320*160mm)
2A (80*160mm)
Max Power
36W (320*160mm)
9W (80*160mm)
36W (320*160mm)
9W (80*160mm)
36W (320*160mm)
9W (80*160mm)
40W (320*160mm)
10W (80*160mm)
Power InterfaceVH4VH4VH4VH4
Signal InterfaceHUB75(IDC16)HUB75(IDC16)HUB75(IDC16)HUB75(IDC16)
Max Brightness≥6000cd/㎡≥5500cd/㎡≥5000cd/㎡≥6000cd/㎡
Color Temperature9000±500K9000±500K9000±500K9000±500K
Viewing Angle140°140°140°140°
Best Viewing Distance≥5m≥6m≥8m≥10m
Module Angle2°(320*160mm)
Gray Scale14bit14bit14bit14bit
Brightness CorrectionSupportSupportSupportSupport
Refresh Rate≥3840Hz≥3840Hz≥3840Hz≥3840Hz
Loading W192 dot, H192 dot (Max.)W162 dot, H162 dot (Max.)W120 dot, H120 dot (Max.)W96 dot, H96 dot (Max.)
Brightness Adjustment Range0° - 255° Adjustable0° - 255° Adjustable0° - 255° Adjustable0° - 255° Adjustable
Typical Lifetime50,000 H50,000 H50,000 H50,000 H
Work Temperature-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Work Humidity10%-90%RH10%-90%RH10%-90%RH10%-90%RH
Storage Temperature-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Alps Series Black Light Outdoor LED screen

alps stage outdoor led screen


Maxtop Technology and Shenzhen Kn -light

Launched 11 scan P 3.91 outdoor pure black light SMD 1921


Super high-cost performance, welcome to consult the comparison

Also have white light optional, brightness>6000nilts

Cabinet Features

Self-design semi-automatic corner protector

Buckle-type independent power box

Outdoor lower scan mode high brightness

Outdoor black lamps have the high color contrast

Professional shooting level for an unreal engine

All module front&back service by magnets

Flash data saving & correcting automatically

Curve function: Rotaral lock and high precision

outdoor led screens assemble

Assemble method

Dolly system

Left and right splicing

Two layers stacked on top of each other

Stacking system

Hanging beam

Ground beam

Outdoor P3.91      Outdoor P4.81     Outdoor P5.95

Technical Parameter

Product ModelOutdoor P2.976Outdoor P3.91Outdoor P4.81
Pixel Pitch2.976mm3.91mm4.81mm
Module Resolution168dots(W)*84dots(H)128dots(W)*64dots(H)104dots(W)*52dots(H)
Pixel Synthesis1R1G1B(3 in 1)1R1G1B(3 in 1)1R1G1B(3 in 1)
Pixel Density86016dots/m265536dots/m243264dots/m²
Scan Mode1/21Scan1/16Scan1/13 Scan
Refresh Rate≥3840HZ≥3840HZ≥3840HZ
Driving ICICN2153ICN2153ICN2153
Gray Level≥16Bit≥16Bit≥16Bit
Module Size500mm(W)*250mm(H)500mm(W)*250mm(H)500mm(W)*250mm(H)
Color Temperature9000K±5009000K±5009000K±500
Viewing Angle≤140°≤140°≤140°
Best Viewing Distance>2.9m>3.9m>4.8m
Power Consumption(max.)≤600W/m2≤600W/m2≤600W/m²
Power Comsumption(ave.)200W/m2200W/m2200W/m²
Working Temperature-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃
Level of ProtectionIP65IP65IP65

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