Project Description

  • P2.5 pillar LED screen

Pillar LED screen

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Flexible LED Module

Size: 320*160mm


Front Service


Magnetic attraction

Cabinet Size


Pillar LED screen

P2.5 Flexible LED Module Parameter.

indoor soft pillar led screen

250m2 indoor pillar LED screen, flexible P2.5 LED module, ship to Thailand

  1. Screen size: (10.24*3.84+1.28*1.6+3.84*3.84)*2+(2.4*4.48+3.52* 1.6+11.68*4.48)*2
  2. Driving IC: ICN2153
  3. Lamp: Kinglight Copper material; SMD2121 Black lamp
  4. Siqi power supply
  5. Cabinet material: Iron simple cabinet
  6. Soft module
  7. Front service: Magnet
  8. Controller: Colorlight X20

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