P2.6 LED Panel

Stage rental P2.6 LED panel of professional manufacturer.

  • Pixel pitch: 2.604mm

  • LEDs: SMD1515

  • Panel size: 500*500*85mm

  • Scan mode: 1/8 scan

  • Refresh rate: ≥7680HZ


stage LED panel P2.6hanging rental P2.6 LED panelP2.6 LED panel dolly system

Stage rental P2.6 LED panel Parameter:

stage rental P2.6 LED panel

MAXTOP‘s Rental P2.6 LED panel:

If the P3.91 was the mainstream rental LED display in the past. Now the trend is slowly moving towards P2.6. Customs data show that in the past year, China has exported as many P2.6 LED panels as P3.91. The price of the P2.6 is slightly higher than that of the P3.91. But the former relative to the latter has the advantage, this price for most people are acceptable. What are the advantages of the ALPS P2.6 display over the P2.6 on the market? Please see the introduction below.

P2.604 Main Features:

  • Curve application: Rotary lock
  • Flash function
  • Front and back maintenance
  • Independent power box
  • Poster function

Renewed angle adjustment lock system

The rotary lock system of P2.6 LED panel with an inner and outer arc from 0°,±5°,±10°,with the flexible application. Patent pressure buckle design, lock in the long-term use process will not appear loose.

Inner arc and outer arc, free splicing

500*500mm &500*1000mm cabinets can be used together freely.

Semi-automatic, Angle protection

Just press the button gently, the corner protection will pop up, quickly protecting the display screen, convenient storage.

Self-Protection design

Inclination design at cabinet bottom for self-protection of LED, making cabinet stand on ground well.

Stage rental P2.6 LED panel, China manufacture.

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