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P1.875 LED panel indoor

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DIY 3 in 1

Smart control box

Perfect ratio

600*337.5mm = 16:9

HD resolution

P1.25/ P1.5625/ P1.875

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UD series P1.875 LED panel indoor Parameter

P1.875 LED panel price

UD series P1.875 LED panel

The UD series follows the development of the LED display towards a more and more simple, stable, and energy-saving direction.

Simple: simple structure, simple installation, simple operation, simple maintenance

Simple structure: UD series display screen is mainly composed of three parts: module, control box, and box. The cascading line between the boxes passes through the prefabricated holes in the box. Beautiful and neat, does not take up space.

Simple installation: One-time integral die-casting aluminum alloy box, light in weight. According to different installation scenarios, the installation method of aluminum bracket + box can be used. Support pre-installation and pre-maintenance; post-installation and pre-maintenance.

Simple operation: after-sales remote guidance, fool-like operation.

Simple maintenance: maintenance before the magnetic attraction is complete. Supports magnetic triggering pre-maintenance and vacuum pre-suction maintenance tools

Stable: Size is stable, Proportional is stable

Picture stability: LED has a nanosecond response time, which can quickly respond to image changes. High dynamic definition. There is no image lag phenomenon when displaying high-speed dynamic images.

Proportional stability: Perfect ratio: 16:9

Energy saving

Low Current Design: Control Box=HUB+Power supply+receive card+wiring

Save extra power: Unique heat dissipation design eliminates the need for additional fans and reduces additional power supply.

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