COB shelf display

COB shelf LED display for the supermarket.

  • Pixel pitch: P0.9375, P1.25, P1.5625, P1.875

  • Panel size: 56.25*150mm

  • Power supply mode: 5VDC or 24VDC

  • Refresh rate: ≥2880HZ


shelf displaycob shelf display

COB shelf LED display Parameter:

COB shelf LED display

MAXTOP‘s COB shelf LED display:


  • Waterproof
  • Anti-collision
  • Anti-static
  • Over million pixels capacity
  • Support sync/async
  • Signal dual backup
  • Cluster control

How to do when the LED display is out off?

1. Turned on the power of the display.
2. Check the display screen has HDMI signal input. Connect the LCD display to check whether the signal transmission link is failing.
3. Whether the brightness setting of the display control software is normal.

Some LED screens do not display images

1. Check the power supply of the display screen where the image does not display is normal. Including the input power supply and the switching power supply.
2. If no abnormality is found in the first step. Restart the power switch of the relative area, and the power-on interval is not less than 1 minute. When the power is turned on again. Re-initialize the display unit to solve the problem.
3. The display unit cascade cable transmission problem.
4. If the display unit image of the replacement control board cannot be connected to the surroundings. The corresponding address coordinates and brightness and color values ​​need set by software.

Part of the LED screen image flickers

1. The cascade signal transmission problem of the display unit. Try to replace the cascaded signal cable or control board.
2. The input signal problem, connect the LCD monitor to check.
3. The processor resolution exceeds the maximum resolution of the sending card.

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