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stadium LED advertising panel

stadium led panel

What is the stadium LED advertising panel?

The stadium LED advertising panel are typically used in sports stadiums or some ball game venues to separate the inside and outside of the field, as well as to protect athletes. Gradually, the function of advertising broadcasting has been added. Nowadays, LED stadium screens are usually used as fences. It not only has the function of fences, but also can play text, pictures, and video content on the screen. At the same time, it brings advertising revenue to the organizers.

What technical requirements should the LED stadium panel meet?

1. Anti-collision design:

Stadium screens usually choose soft masks and anti-collision caps. The anti-collision cap is covered with soft material on the top of the LED screen. It can protect the LED lights and will not cause obvious injury due to athletes’ collision.

2. Adjustable tilt design:

The box body adopts a unique adjustable tilt design. Our stadium screens can adjust the tilt angle of the box body (75°~90°) according to different requirements, so that all viewers can see the content played more clearly.

3. High refresh rate:

The stadium screen requires a minimum refresh rate of ≥3840hz to meet the needs of dynamic shooting on the sports field and effectively avoid the flickering phenomenon during shooting.

4. Easy to disassemble, assemble, and transport:

LED stadium screens are usually in a rental scenario. Therefore, it requires simple and fast disassembly, more stable use. We use interlocking devices between the splicing boxes. The module installation and disassembly are convenient and fast, and at the same time, it solves the problem of seamless splicing of large areas. We have matching flight cases, which are convenient for transportation in one-to-three size.

5. Cabinet size can be customized:

The box size in the video is 1280*800. We can also customize other sizes according to customer requirements.

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