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stage backdrop led screen

Stage backdrop LED screen

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P2.6/ P2.9/ P3.91/ P4.81

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ALPS series stage backdrop LED screen Parameter.

stage backdrop led screen parameter

Alps series stage backdrop LED screen

The stage backdrop LED screen refers to the LED display used for the stage background. Its biggest feature is that it can provide a wonderful performance stage background. Give the audience an immersive experience and bring a good audio-visual experience at the same time. But many people do not know what the composition of the stage screen is. Please see the introduction below.

1. Main LED screen

The main screen is the LED display in the center of the stage background. It occupies the largest area of ​​any screen. Usually square or rectangular in shape. The main function is to display the pictures of live broadcasts or performances on the stage in real time, which has relatively high requirements on the clarity of the display effect. Therefore, you can choose P2.6, P2.9, P3.91, and P4.81 to be the main screen.

2. The secondary LED screen

The general stage screen has a main screen in the middle. On both sides of the main screen, a secondary screen will also be installed. It is used as a foil for the main screen. Usually, the shape is a vertical rectangle. Due to the limitations of the installation location and area, the content requirements displayed on the secondary screen are generally not as high as those on the main screen. According to your needs, you can choose a display screen with the same spacing as the main screen, or you can choose a display screen with other spacing.

3. Expansion LED screen

In stage performances, not all stage screens are equipped with extended screens. Expansion screens often appear in large-scale performance stages, such as large-scale concerts, festival parties, etc. Due to the large area of ​​the venue, the audience seated in the back row may not be able to clearly see the performance on the stage. Therefore, an expansion screen will be set up on the side of the venue for a live broadcast of the stage performance. Usually, choose the same spacing as the main screen.

4. Floor Stage interactive LED screen

In stage performances, in addition to the display screen in the background of the stage. To make the stage cooler, or to accompany some performances. Some stages will also be equipped with interactive floor LED screens. It can be matched with the main screen, secondary screen, etc., to display brilliant effects. It can make the atmosphere of the scene more enthusiastic, mainly to set off the performance and enhance the atmosphere of the scene. Usually, choose P3.91.

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