In terms of usability, the Alps indoor P1.9 LED screen offers many functional details, such as a precise locking mechanism or horizontal handles which can even be used as an auxiliary ladder.

P1.9 LED Screen Parameter


MAXTOP‘s Alps series indoor P1.9 LED screen:

1. High refresh rate – more stable

MAXTOP new generation of small-pitch refresh rate reaches 3840HZ, the picture is stable, no ripples, no black screen, coping with dynamic display, clear picture edge, good dynamic expression, no ghosting, no tailing, accurate and true image information Restore. It makes the video picture smooth, brings the best visual enjoyment.

The gamut coverage is a representation of the ability of a display to restore color. The area of the triangle area composed of its three primary colors is usually expressed as a percentage of the area of the NTSC gamut. LED small pitch display, reaching 114% NTSC color gamut coverage.

2. High gray level – more delicate

Grayscale is also called the color boundary of grayscale, which refers to the degree of brightness, the number of levels of any color from dark to bright. MAXTOP small-pitch LED display to achieve 16bit grayscale performance. At low brightness, the grayscale performance of the display is still intact. The higher the grayscale level, the higher the layering and vividness of the image, and the more detailed image detail. No loss of information.

3. Features

  • 16:9 golden radio
  • Low-light high-gray technology, 5000:1 contrast ratio, 16-bit grayscale, 3840HZ refresh rate
  • Wide color gamut, uniform color, no tailing, ghosting
  • Die-cast aluminum design, CNC finishing
  • Front and rear maintenance design
  • Flash function can only store correction date

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