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flexible led screen panel

Flexible LED screen panel Parameter.

flexible led panel parameter

Maxtop flexible soft LED module

With the further increase in display requirements. On some specific occasions, conventional flat large screens cannot be installed. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a large flexible LED screen panel. The pixel pitch of our S series soft LED modules ranges from 1.875mm to 4mm. The arc, size, and shape can be customized at will. If the customer has his own vision but has not designed it yet. We have a dedicated team of engineers who can modify the configuration for customers to meet specific needs such as size, shape, brightness, etc.

The projects we have done the most are the following:

  1. The inner arc is the LED screen panel that points to the inner recess. Commonly used in indoor installations, such as museums, exhibition halls, and other scenes.
  2. The outer arc is the LED screen panel and the LED screen panel as a whole is highlighted outwards. It is usually used for the installation of curved walls, and the display effect is clear.
  3. Arc, refers to the flexible LED screen panel that is spliced ​​and installed into an arc to display the screen. Common in indoor large shopping malls, science museums, hotels, and other scenes. It has the function of decorating and setting off the atmosphere.
  4. The cylinder is surrounded by LED soft modules to form a cylindrical screen. It is generally used on pillars in buildings such as train stations, airports, subways, etc.
  5. Tunnel screen or other special-shaped screens. The special-shaped screen needs to use the special-shaped module, which needs to be opened separately. The cost of mold opening is relatively high, and we have delivered many special-shaped screen projects. Some of which have been mold-opened before. Make our prices more competitive.

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