The Maxtop Technology recently completed an impressive LED video panels project at a transformer factory in Urumqi’s auditorium in March 2024, showcasing the epitome of China’s speed. The entire process, from production and assembly to LED screen installation and debugging, was efficiently completed in just 21 days, perfectly exemplifying the concept of “China speed.”

The project comprised three LED video panels, with the largest one featuring a 2.5mm pixel pitch and measuring an impressive 16 meters by 8.64 meters. Additionally, two smaller screens with a 1.538mm pixel pitch measured 3.2 meters by 1.92 meters. These cutting-edge LED screens utilized the FI series panels, known for their seamless integration, wide viewing angles, and pre-maintenance magnetic adsorption for improved flatness.

led video panel indoor

The FI series panels, with dimensions of 640mm x 480mm x 48.5mm, offer a range of features including seamless integration, wide viewing angles, and pre-maintenance magnetic adsorption for enhanced flatness. Furthermore, the die-cast aluminum construction of the panels ensures lightweight design, improved heat dissipation, and eliminates the need for air conditioning. The panels also support various installation methods such as hanging, wall mounting, and bracket installation, providing flexibility and convenience for different indoor settings.

The project’s supervisor, Mr. Bai, expressed great satisfaction with the final display effect, indicating a strong intention for future collaboration on subsequent projects. This successful completion not only demonstrates the remarkable efficiency of Chinese manufacturing but also showcases the advanced technology and innovation in LED video panel indoor solutions.

In conclusion, Maxtop’s commitment to quality and cutting-edge products has set a new standard in the industry, providing customers with superior LED display solutions for various indoor applications. The completion of this project not only perfectly exemplifies the concept of “China speed” but also highlights the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

P2.5 LED video panel

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