P1.5 LED video walls are increasingly used in various commercial environments.  Recently, a Myanmar customer purchased three indoor LED screens for his company’s conference room.  Specifications include two P1.53 screens of 3200mm*1920mm and one P1.86 screen of 4800mm*1920mm+4480mm*2400mm.

led video panel indoor

FI series cabinet recommendation

In response to customer needs, we recommend our FI series cabinets, which are closely integrated with customer needs.  These cabinets offer several advantages over commonly used standard cabinets.  They are highly resistant to corrosion, have excellent thermal conductivity (three times that of iron), and are highly resistant to radiation.  Therefore, the overall service life of the aluminum alloy box is significantly longer than that of the iron box, which reduces the maintenance cost and update frequency of the LED panel.

Enhance heat dissipation of P1.5 LED video walls

The aluminum alloy box is in direct contact with the PCB, and heat is effectively transferred from the PCB to the box, with excellent heat dissipation performance.  This eliminates the need for additional fans and air conditioners, resulting in a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

Each FI series cabinet weighs 280g and measures 640*480*48mm.  Aluminum alloy material provides better extensibility and flatness, making it an ideal choice for installing P1.5 LED video walls in Myanmar offices.

All in all, the use of P1.5 LED video walls in commercial spaces such as conference rooms is booming.  The FI series cabinet recommended by the LED panel of the Myanmar office meets the customer’s requirements and enhances durability, heat dissipation, and overall quality.  This solution not only reduces maintenance costs but also helps the LED panel operate more sustainably and efficiently.

P2.5 LED video panel

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