Recently, Maxtop’s project team completed the emergency installation of the P2 LED display. It is in the exhibition hall of the Xinjiang Science and Technology Museum. We made every effort to ensure the normal operation of the Science and Technology Museum, which was highly appreciated by customers.

Cool display effect: P2 LED display

Xinjiang Science and Technology Museum was founded in October 1985. With a construction area of 10,119㎡, it is one of the top ten projects for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region. Since its establishment, Xinjiang Science and Technology Museum has actively carried out science and technology popularization and academic exchange activities. It has played an important role in improving the scientific and cultural quality of young people and prospering academics. With the lighting of the LED display, a more agile explanatory vision has been added.

P2 LED display

In recent years, LED display screens have been widely used as creative display technology products in major science and technology exhibition halls. LED displays support the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the presentation of innovative technologies. So People can perceive the magic and mystery of science and technology through the P2 LED display screen.

200m^2 LED screen

This time, Maxtop adopted Maxtop’s UD-2 according to the requirements and budget of the leaders of the Science and Technology Museum. Connect to the Internet and one-click loading configuration files from the cloud. Surrounded on all sides, giving an immersive experience. The total area between the main screen and the secondary P2 LED display is 200m^2. Through the design, it is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment and equipment. As an emerging display carrier, it also has energy-saving, high-efficiency. The advantages of easy custom styling. At the forefront of popular science education, the combination of science and technology exhibition halls, science and technology museums, and LED displays makes science and technology dissemination more effective.

P2 LED screen display

P2 LED displays in scientific and technological museums not only provide basic display functions but also create artistic effects. The scientific and technological effects to be displayed can be switched according to the needs of the scene. It offers a realistic visual experience with seamless splicing, as well as single-point brightness correction. Which adjusts the current flowing into each LED to control the pixel brightness, thus ensuring consistent brightness across the entire screen.

As time has progressed, more and more science and technology museums use LED displays in museums for publicity, explanation, background, and popular scientific research. Maxtop has handled more and more such cases. We focus on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of supporting products in the LED display industry, which have been widely used in broadcasting, conferences, big data centers, intelligence command centers, monitoring centers, exhibitions, and multiple application scenarios such as education and teaching, cultural entertainment, telemedicine, and home theater. In the future, Maxtop will continue to lead technological innovation, and work for hand in hand with partners more closely.

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