Shenzhen City, GD (November 2022) – Maxtop GD technicians delivered yet another project in Shenzhen: Longgang World Trade Center outdoor P5.7 LED screen.

New project in the Longgang

Longgang World Trade Center is located in Longgang Central City, Shenzhen. With Longgang District Gymnasium and Longgang Library nearby. There are many shops. Business is prosperous, and it is an excellent prime location. The World Trade Center has greatly stimulated business. It created a large number of jobs and has broad prospects for development. Fully renovated and upgraded this year.

As time goes by, a P10 LED screen that was originally installed was installed for many years. Serious aging has been unable to meet the needs. Led by the leading group of the World Trade Center, a number of bidding suppliers are invited to organize bidding. The participating bidders have been operating LED displays in the industry for many years. After several rounds of PK, the bidding schemes of each company are selected from the best. In the end, Maxtop won and became the contractor of the LED large screen of Longgang World Trade Center.

outdoor P5.7 LED screen

FC series P5.7 LED screen

This time, Maxtop’s LED large screen in Longgang World Trade Center adopts a new generation of aluminum profile box FC energy-saving series. The cabinet size is 960*960mm. The aluminum profile box has many advantages: 1. The material is hard. 2. The tensile strength and ductility are good. 3. Fire resistance, high-temperature resistance. 4.  Corrosion resistance. Excellent flatness, small patchwork. At the same time, the LED module adopts a safety rope design to maintain the large screen to achieve zero fall-offs and ensure absolute safety. The front protection level of the screen is IP66, which can meet the all-weather climate.

Longgang World Trade Center aims to continue to build a core business district in the core area. To this end, Maxtop takes full advantage of its integration advantages in the field of LED displays. According to the requirements of the environment where the large screen is located, the outdoor spacing is P5.7. The outdoor P5.7 LED screen refresh rate of the display is 3840HZ. Front horizontal viewing angle: ≥160°; vertical viewing angle: ≥160°. The 73.73-square-meter display has the characteristics of high-definition, high brush, high brightness, and wide viewing angle. At the same time, it can meet the needs of customers in the business district to shoot videos.

P5.7 LED screen

Professional-grade LED display control equipment

The LED screen pixels reach 1344 * 1680. Adopt a high-definition control system, the main control is professional-grade LED display control equipment. So it has powerful video signal receiving, splicing, and processing capabilities. The maximum can receive high-definition digital signals of 4096 × 2160 pixels. And support DVI and SDI digital interface, seamless switching between multiple signals. At the same time, it supports splicing and zooming and supports up to 7 screen displays. To meet the requirements of use, the wiring is reasonable. The display adopts single-mode optical fiber to transmit signals and is equipped with a dedicated optical fiber transceiver. At the same time, PLC intelligent power distribution cabinet is adopted. Then equipped with special optical fiber equipment, and remote control of electricity. Regarding power distribution, incoming lines are reasonable and safe. The reasonable equipment configuration is the cornerstone of the successful implementation of this project.

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