Some customers often ask where is the difference between LED display semi-outdoor and outdoor. Therefore, this article introduces the difference between the semi-outdoor LED module and the outdoor LED module.

First of all, their similarity is the same brightness, and the main difference is that the IP level is different. To put it simply, the outdoor module can be waterproof. But the semi-outdoor module cannot be waterproof. Prices are also different. Under the same specifications, the price of outdoor LED modules is higher than that of semi-outdoor LED modules.

Why is there a distinction between the semi-outdoor LED modules and the outdoor module?

This mainly depends on the installation environment.

semi-outdoor LED module

Here we take the UT series independently developed by our company as an example.

We have specially developed a semi-outdoor display screen for display windows.

This is one of the installation scenarios for semi-outdoor modules. First of all, the display screen placed in the shop window will face the light. Secondly, due to the blocking of an outer layer of glass. The display screen will not be exposed to wind and sun. Therefore, the display screen is required to have high brightness, but it does not need a waterproof function. The design of the semi-outdoor module also saves some costs for customers.

Another installation scenario is outdoors. Unlike other outdoors, there are relatively large shelters or buildings above and in front of the screen. Therefore, it will not be exposed to wind and rain. But because it is located outdoors, the required brightness is also relatively high.

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