What is the LED display price depend on? Please see the following elements.

1.Raw materials: IC chips, lamp beads

The main factor affecting the price of LED displays is the LED driver IC. The performance of the driver IC is one of the important factors affecting the quality and life of the LED display. In addition, refresh rate and gray level and image expression are one of the important indicators of LED display. This requires high consistency of current between LED driver IC channels, high-speed communication interface rate, and constant current response speed.

LED display price

2. Cabinet

Compared with the sheet metal cabinet, the die-cast aluminum LED cabinet is more durable, but the price is relatively high. Private model cabinets are more expensive than public model cabinets.

3. Product Specifications: Spacing

In general, the smaller the spacing, the higher the price. For example, the price of P3 is generally higher than that of P6.

4. Application scenarios: indoor and outdoor

Under the same specifications, the outdoor price is generally higher than the indoor price. For example, the outdoor P3.91 LED display of the ALPS series is more expensive than the indoor P3.91 LED display.

5. LED screen size

The larger the area, the higher the price.

6. Other optional accessories

Such as hanging beams, ground beams, and support systems.

7. Technician fees

After the LED display is installed, it needs technical debugging by engineers. We are all free to remotely assist customers to debug LED displays.

8. Other expenses for LED display price

steel structure. We provide steel frame structure design drawings free of charge. The customer finds a local manufacturer to make it, the process is simple, and the average worker can complete it.

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