P4.81 LED Panel

LED screen outdoor P4.81 for the event.

  • Pixel pitch: 4.81mm

  • Driving IC: ICN2153

  • Scan mode: 1/13scan

  • Gray level: ≥16Bit

  • Refresh rate: ≥3840HZ


screen outdoor P4.81

P4.81 LED screen Parameter:

LED screen outdoor P4.81

MAXTOP‘s LED screen outdoor P4.81:

The Alps series LED screen outdoor P4.81 is widely used in concerts, churches, festival stages and wedding events, etc. It does not matter whether it is indoor or outdoor.

P4.81 Main Features:

  • Curve application: Rotary lock
  • Flash function
  • Front and back maintenance
  • Independent power box
  • Poster function
  • Angle protection
  • Waterproof

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Matters needing attention

1. Since LEDs and CMOS integrated circuits are electrostatic sensitive devices. You need to pay attention to preventing static electricity when using LED modules. The following measures can effectively prevent static electricity:

People who touch the product must wear a grounded electrostatic wristband or electrostatic gloves.

The shell, cabinet, and screen of the switching power supply are strictly grounded. And the grounding resistance is required to be ≤10 ohms. A spot inspection must perform every six months.

Various tools in the assembly process must to strictly grounded.

2. When cleaning the surface of the LED module, do not use unknown chemical liquids to avoid damage or corrosion of the LED:

Use a clean soft cloth dipped in alcohol and wipe it lightly when cleaning the LED tube. And then start using it after it dries.

When cleaning the kit, use a soft cloth dampened with clean water and wipe lightly. After wiping, no watermarks may remain, and they must dry before use.

3. When repairing the LED module, it is recommended to use a constant temperature electric soldering iron. The temperature of the electric soldering iron adjust according to the composition of the tin wire:

When repairing LEDs, the temperature of the electric soldering iron is generally set at about 315℃. The soldering time should not exceed 5s (preferably 3s). The number of soldering should not exceed three times.

When repairing CMOS devices, the temperature of the soldering iron must to kept below 315℃. The soldering time should not exceed 3s. And the number of soldering should not exceed three times.

In order to ensure the stability and service life of the LED screen outdoor P4.81. The surface temperature of the module during operation cannot exceed 60°.