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UL series stage LED display Parameter.

cheap indoor stage led display

UL series: cheap stage LED display

Many dealer customers give feedback to our company. Recognize the quality and functionality of our Alps series, but the price is too high. A lot of their customers can’t afford it. Adhering to the concept of solving problems for the best customers. So we launched a cheap stage LED display: the UL series.

Here we talk about the functional comparison between the UL series and the ALPS series.

The first is radians. The Alps series supports a maximum of plus or minus fifteen degrees, while the UL series can only support a maximum of plus or minus five degrees. The difference of nearly ten degrees is still quite large. Of course, if you only buy straight-edge screens. This has no effect.

Next is the corner guard. The Alps series is a semi-automatic corner guard with a patented design developed by us. The UL series cheap stage LED display is a relatively simple manual corner protector.

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