Project Description

  • LED display screen for shop

LED display screen for shop

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Three Sizes

750*250mm, 1000*250mm, 1250*250mm

Pixel Pitch

P1.9 P2.5 P2.6 P3.9

Front Maintenance

Refresh Rate


LED display for shop

UT series LED display Parameter.

LED screen for shop

UT Series LED display screen for shop

The design of the UT series originated from a customer’s purchasing needs. The customer wanted to buy such a display. The display is usually placed in his store window for advertising. Since his shop is exposed to direct sunlight during the day, he wants the display to be color-free in sunlight. At the same time, he also required that the LED display should not take up too much space. And the installation is convenient for disassembly.

Easy servicing

Using the UT LED displays servicing and maintenance are easy. No special trained staff is needed for the basic operation and servicing of the LED screen.


A corrugated heat sink can expand the heat dissipation area.

High brightness and low gray, perfect picture quality

Realize seamless and smooth assembly between screens, bringing you the ultimate high-definition picture enjoyment.

The best helper for your shop, church, and exhibition.

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