21m² outdoor P3.91 curved led screen rental ship to France

Cabinet Size: 500x1000mm     Cabinet Weight: 12.5kg
Resolution: Outdoor P3.91 & Curved Design

P3.91 Rental Curved LED Display Configuration

1. Light and thin case: die-cast aluminum cabinet, light, and thin cabinet.
2. Fast heat dissipation: good heat dissipation performance, effective protection module circuit.
3. Anti-interference: unique anti-electromagnetic wave interference function.
4. Fast installation: dedicated fast lock, installation only 20 seconds.
5. High precision: CNC technology makes the precision is higher, and the stitching. Gap is <0.2MM.
6. Matte black lamp, high contrast.
7. Big brand switching power supply with good quality.
8. Standardized cabinet size 500mm*500mm. 
9. Brand-driven IC, High refresh rate & gray level.
10. Outdoor dustproof and waterproof design of the cabinet, the overall protection level of outdoor display screen reaches IP65. 
11. Can be mixed with 500*500 cabinets.

Maxtop Outdoor P3.91 Curved LED Display Advantage

The Curved LED Screen Rental P3.91 can be the size of 500mmx500mm or 500mmx1000mm. Which has a ±15 degrees splicing lock at the side of the LED panel, by combing two LED panels together. The curved angle can be freely set from 0-degree to 30-degree. This kind of P3.91mm curved HD LED display video wall can be set as large stage background LED video wall for rental events or a fixed video wall. The “inward curving, outward curving. S shape curving” can be easily set up. It is becoming a better visualization solution for any indoor and outdoor rental events or fixed video wall applications.

Maxtop Rental LED Display Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Model Parameters

Product Model Outdoor P3.91 Outdoor P4.81 Indoor  P3.91 Indoor P4.81
LED SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2121 SMD2121
Pixel Pitch 3.91mm 4.81mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
Module Resolution 64dots(W)*64dots(H) 52dots(W)*52dots(H) 64dots(W)*64dots(H) 52dots(W)*52dots(H)
Cabinet Resolution 128dots(W)*256dots(H) 104dots(W)*208dots(H) 128dots(W)*256dots(H) 104dots(W)*208dots(H)
Pixel Synthesis 1R1G1B(3 in 1) 1R1G1B(3 in 1) 1R1G1B(3 in 1) 1R1G1B(3 in 1)
Pixel Density 65536dots/m2 43264dots/m2 65536dots/m2 43264dots/m2
Scan Mode 1/16Scan 1/13 Scan 1/16 Scan 1/13 Scan
Refresh Rate ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ
Driving IC MBI5124             (Or specify driver IC) MBI5124              (Or specify driver IC) MBI5124              (Or specify driver IC) MBI5124               (Or specify driver IC)
Gray Level ≥14Bit ≥14Bit ≥14Bit ≥14Bit
Module Size 250mm(W)*250mm(H) 250mm(W)*250mm(H) 250mm(W)*250mm(H) 250mm(W)*250mm(H)
Cabinet Size 500mm(W)*1000mm(H) 500mm(W)*1000mm(H) 500mm(W)*1000mm(H) 500mm(W)*1000mm(H)
Brightness ≥3500cd/m2 ≥3500cd/m2 ≥1000cd/m2 ≥1000cd/m2
Color Temperature 9000K±500 9000K±500 9000K±500 9000K±500
Viewing Angle ≤140° ≤140° ≤140° ≤140°
Best Viewing Distance >4m >5m >4m >5m
 Input Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz  (AC110V optional) AC220V±10% 50Hz  (AC110V optional) AC220V±10% 50Hz  (AC110V optional) AC220V±10% 50Hz   (AC110V optional)
Model Working Voltage DC5V DC5V DC5V DC5V
Power Consumption(max.) ≤320W/pcs ≤320W/pcs ≤320W/pcs ≤320W/pcs
Power consumption (average) 110W/pcs 110W/pcs 110W/pcs 110W/pcs
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