What is the green screen?

Literally, we can think of a green screen as a green backdrop. The background fabrics used in filming are all monochrome backgrounds. Because green is the color furthest from human skin tone, it is usually bright green. Because the green background is suitable for keying in the post. The green screen can also be considered a keying process.

If you are shooting a movie, green screen performance requires a lot of imagination. Actors need to put themselves into the scene to actually imagine, and they need to imagine a lot of various objects and details that will appear in the actual scene. You should know that many of Marvel’s films require a lot of green screen performances. They will even give certain diagrams of the corresponding scene positions to help the actors understand and perform.

What is the XR Virtual LED screen?

XR virtual LED screen is an LED display that uses virtual production. Simply put, it is the background wall of the studio. But this display is different from the common ones on the market. On an ordinary display screen, when a person stands in front of the display screen when shooting a video, the edges of the person will have jagged edges. Therefore, the requirements for the display screen are very high. It needs to meet the standards in some aspects, such as spacing, color gamut standards, color accuracy, low gray performance, low scanning, contrast, viewing angle, mask design, and cabinet design. Our self-developed ALPS-XR series LED display can perfectly reach the photographic level. We have delivered several virtual studio projects.

The principle of the virtual studio is to surround the shooting site with a multi-sided screen. And the 3D scene generated by the computer is projected onto the screen. Combined with the activities of the live actors to create a real-time scene with a realistic picture and a strong three-dimensional sense.

XR Virtual LED Screen
XR Virtual LED screen VS Green screen

Compared with the traditional green screen technology, the shooting team can directly output the final picture during the shooting. In the process, not only can the background material be directly adjusted in terms of color and frame rate, but also the actors and the picture can be guided to perform actions. Together, the workflow is shortened. In addition, the LED screen playing the picture can form a more realistic reflective effect on the characters and objects in the scene, without having to worry about the green light reflected by the green screen on the characters, which also greatly reduces the post-production work and improves the production efficiency. , which provides infinite possibilities for shooting more and more realistic virtual pictures.

Therefore, the use of virtual studios compared to the original shooting methods not only “save money” and “save time”, but also improved the “performance quality” of the final product at the same time.

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