Maxtop tunnel LED screen Offers Visual Experience

Shenzhen (China), 15th June 2022 – Professional LED screen specialist, Maxtop, recently completed a striking tunnel LED screen for True Digital Park. It provides entrepreneurs with a shared workplace and digital innovation development space. It is a complete technology startup ecosystem. True Digital Park has complete service facilities: conferences, workshops, assembly halls, and event venues.

The tunnel screen we designed has a window and a door. Because they are all irregularly shaped. Therefore, customized special-shaped modules are required. A total of 47 custom modules were used for the entire project. As shown below:

The total size is around 52 sqm with a length of 9 m, a width of 3.2 m, and a height of 2.8 m. The soft modules of the Maxtop’s S series give it excellent flatness and flexibility. When you stand under the tunnel screen, you feel like you are in another time and space. The specific parameters are as follows:

Indoor P2.5 Tunnel LED Display
1. Driving IC: ICN2153
2. Lamp: Kinglight Copper material; SMD2121 Lamp Black Lamp
3. SIQI power supply
4. Cabinet material: Iron simple cabinet
5. Soft LED module
6. Front service: Magnet

tunnel LED screen

Because the module of this project is more complicated. So it took us 60 days to deliver the keys.

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